Nanobrows Technique

“Less is More”

The latest technique that also gives natural looking brows

1 by 1 strokes on the eyebrows are seamlessly beautiful and give the most naturalistic look. We all know that microblading has limitations; it is not for everybody, but nanobrows machine strokes are the best alternative. This is one of the more difficult techniques, but it produces excellent results. The client will enjoy their beautiful brows for 1–2 years.

Machine hairstroke is a revolutionary technique that allows artists to make single strands of strokes that do not leave scars on the skin. While the other technique, microblading, cannot work on darker or oilier skin, nanobrow machine strokes do. The machine hair-stroke technique is also recommended for overly mature skin and hyper-sensitive skin, as this technique is very gentle and causes less trauma to the skin.

Nanobrows is a form of micropigmentation executed by machine. More specifically, it is a machine hairstroke technique and falls under the umbrella of “Nano Brows,” a widely used generic term for machine hairstroke style brows.
The Nanobrows method takes a “less is more” approach to brows. Negative space is imperative and only adds to the beauty of this style of brows. Every single hair stroke must flow together seamlessly. Realism is the end goal.

Nanobrows can be pared down to a smaller version to suit the needs of client’s with more petite sized brows, or if they desire a more conservative look. This approach is referred to as Baby Feather Brows. The main structure remains the same. The only change is the length of each hairstroke.


Nanobrows Structure

There are three main Nanobrows patterns. Each person’s brow type will fall under one of the three main patterns, adjusted as needed. The upward flow is an additional ultra fluffy pattern with a look similar to a laminated brow.
Feather Brows are created off of a skeleton, which is the main structure of the brow. All other hairstrokes stem from this skeleton or f rom secondary hairstrokes, which originate from the skeleton. Each secondary stroke has a connecting tertiary stroke, and sometimes even detail strokes.

Nanonbrows brows is not comparable to Microblading. Microblading is a technique that cut / open the skin which is more in and is more time to recover the skin. Microblading r some artist call it Nanoblading,  this technique is not for every client. See client compatibility.